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Jiangsu Baoteng Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. And jiangsu baoteng color steel Co., Ltd are municipal engineering equipment factory founded in 1981 is a private owned company designated by the ministry of construction. We have more than 20 years history for manufacturing the equipment of aerated concrete block machine concrete products. We are specialized manufacturer for block making machine, concrete mixing plant and asphalt mixing plant, loader and color tile forming machine, automatic angle forming machine, rail guard forming machine.

Our equipment have popularly exported more than 60 countries on the world wise. Welcome you to our company!

Welcome to contact: 0086-13505232052(Mr.yang)

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concrete block making machine

aerated concrete block machine

Separating machine

Separating machine
Function : Function of this machine is separating paste block to pieces ,which is good for transportation and use

Hydraulic frequency conversion reversal crane

Function :

1 .Hydraulic frequency conversion reversal crane turns the mould with block in it 90 degrees,puts it on frequency conversion block dragging car and does demoulding work ,

2. Frequency conversion block dragging car drags the block to cutting machine to be cut. Reversal crane reorganizes, cleans and polishes mould box and pallets to prepare them to be reused

Aerated autoclaved concrete block machine (AAC) line or Autoclave section

Aerated autoclaved concrete block machine (AAC) line or Autoclave section

A.Steam curing trolley

B. Semi-product transporting crane  

     Function: After cutting ,semi-product transporting crane carry block to steam car for enter autoclave.

C.Flip crane to the remove the bottom waste material  

   Function : This device includes flip platform and crane ,it can remove the top and bottom waste material ,.The crane also can be as the semi-product transport crane.


   Function : Put the cut and organized semi-finished blocks into autoclave and fill in steam .Blocks brought out will be finished blocks after being cured by high temperature and pressure in the autoclave.

E. Finished block out of autoclave

F. Boiler 

    Function : Steam boiler,be classified as 4ton/h,6ton/h,10ton/h,design pressure is 1.6MPA


Contact person: Mr. Yang 0086-13505232052

Jiangsu province Huaian city Jinhu baoteng burning free brick machinery equipment of concrete block molding machine - brick making machinery _ dust brick equipment




Small aerated concrete production line

The annual output of 50000 cubic aerated concrete production line mainly has: Material handling equipment, batching and pouring equipment, cutting equipment consists of steam curing. Device configuration is simple, the operation is simple and convenient, the investment is small wait for a characteristic. The device uses the air cutting technology, the distributed cutting machine, cutting process ( flip, slitting, die ) respectively in different work completed, and cutting, walking control in the same device, so that the work can be simplified, easy to operate and maintain.




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